Queen's School of Computing NSERC CREATE ULSS


As of September 2017, the CREATE ULSS program is no longer offered and admission is closed.


in Ultra-Large Scale Software Systems

Ultra-Large Scale Systems (ULSS) are software systems such as the world-wide online banking system, the Blackberry communications system, the GM OnStar system, Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Xbox Live, and the World of Warcraft. These new generation distributed systems pose problems of scale, speed, availability, reliability, privacy and security that are entirely different from ordinary software systems, and require different methods to create, manage and maintain. They are critical systems that entire economies depend upon, and even small failures in them can bring down markets and bankrupt countries.

The NSERC CREATE Graduate Specialization in Ultra-Large Scale Software Systems is professional graduate specialization in the Queen's School of Computing funded through an NSERC CREATE grant, and offered with the participation of industrial partners at RIM, IBM, CA, Bell, Alcatel and others. The specialization offers the opportunity to enhance your graduate program with practical professional and developmental skills, industrially-motivated research and industry experience in a program designed to prepare you for practical work in the ULSS industry and academia.